Accommodation: Apartmani Kožić

Labin Rabac, Croatia

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Owner speaks languages:Serbian, English, Deutsch, Slovenščina
Owner speaks languages:Serbian, English, Deutsch, Slovenščina
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The modern apartments are located in a quiet side street in Štrmac near Labin, far away from the noise and crowd. Lots of green, flowers, quiet environment and pleasant nights will delight anyone who needs a relaxing holiday. The apartments are located on the first floor with a separate entrance to the house. Garden fireplace, swing and a covered garden terrace are located in the garden and avalilabe to the guests. The place is ideal for families with children. In the area of total 1000 m2, children can enjoy playing on the lawn, swings, in garden house or take a ride on the bike.
Nearby you can find two excellent restaurants, a modern supermarket, children's playground and a well-known promenade Dubrova with artistic path and outdoor sculpture park - Forma viva.
All guests will be welcomed for a comfortable stay with welcome drink and homemade cakes or fruit.


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  • Capacity: 9 ležajeva
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  • The apartment consists of a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, balcony and terrace. The view from the apartment is on the calming green forest. KitchenIs is additionally equipped with microwave, coffee maker, kettle and toaster. If necessary, there is a baby cot - free of charge!...

  • The apartment consists of a kitchen, dining room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, elegante terrace with awnings and balconies. The view from the apartment is on green forests on the one side and the panorama of the surrounding area on the other side. The kitchen is additionally equipped with a microwave, c...


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